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Clutch Service and Repair

Does your manual transmission vehicle need repairs? Look no further than AAMCO in San Rafael, CA. Our crew of quality mechanics have the professional skills and experience necessary to make any sort of clutch repair. If you’re experiencing shifting issues or other drivability problems, don’t wait around to get help. Give us a call to schedule a convenient appointment for clutch repair service near you.

What Causes Clutch Damage?

That’s a question we answer all the time. Manual transmission vehicles are designed to last a long time, but wear and tear can cause problems to pop up over time. However, driving too fast, relying on the clutch too often (i.e., driving your vehicle like you’re a prize-winning NASCAR driver), and driving in hot conditions for too long are all situations that can lead to premature clutch failure.

How Our Services Work

When you bring your vehicle in for clutch repair, our technicians will remove the transmission so that they can get direct access to all components. All parts of the transmission will be inspected so that the clutch problem is properly identified and isolated. After repairs have been made, the transmission will be replaced, fluids topped off, lift tests performed, and the car will be given a comprehensive road test to ensure safe operation. To learn more about our clutch repair service in San Rafael, CA, give your local AAMCO center a call today!



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