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Total Car Care Services

A well-maintained vehicle is a vehicle that out-performs and outlasts every other vehicle in its same class. If you’re looking for a way to live without a car payment, the answer is regular vehicle maintenance. AAMCO is proud to provide both foreign and domestic automotive repair and maintenance. Vehicle owners who trust AAMCO for total car care services in San Rafael experience better drivability, increased fuel efficiency, and safer driving conditions. While we’re known for our top-rated maintenance services, we also offer a variety of other services to keep your car on the road. Keep reading to learn more about all our auto repair and replacement services.

Top-Rated Maintenance Services

No matter the make and model of your car, it requires specific services to ensure it remains in excellent condition. Don’t neglect your car’s needs. Instead, allow us to take over! At AAMCO, we offer the following maintenance services:

  • A/C checks – Keep your vehicle’s A/C system in top form with our professional services
  • Oil changes – We use premium oil that is manufacturer recommended for your vehicle
  • Air filter replacement – Our filter replacement services keep your engine from being overworked
  • Tune-ups – Spark plug and wire replacement, belt tightening services, and more

When your car, truck, or SUV needs a little TLC, your local AAMCO professional has the answers! We also offer tire rotation, battery replacement and charging, windshield wiper replacement, brake and rotor service, and much more! For years, we’ve been maintaining and repairing San Rafael motors. AAMCO is dedicated to providing excellent automotive services. No matter your reason for stopping by, you’ll be met with a smiling face and treated professionally and honestly.

Ask About Our Engine and Transmission Services

Are you experiencing problems with your engine or transmission? You’ve come to the right place. Our qualified technicians know how to fix complex engine or transmission problems. Whether you need clutch repair or a rebuilt engine or transmission, you can count on us to help you find solutions that are long-lasting and easy on your wallet.

To learn more about your local San Rafael AAMCO, call or stop by today. We’re always excited to meet new customers and discuss car repair needs!



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