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Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

When your vehicle needs vehicle air conditioning services in San Rafael, CA, AAMCO is ready to help. Our expert technicians offer complete inspection, diagnosis, and repair services for all makes and models. A working air conditioner isn’t just important for cooling. It’s essential for dehumidification and ensuring that the defrost setting work correctly. If your air conditioner is experiencing any of the following problems, call to schedule an appointment right away:

  • Unusual odors coming from the vents
  • Defrost mode isn’t working well
  • Odd sounds fill the car when the air conditioner is running
  • The air conditioner blows warm air
  • Sporadic cooling or no cooling at all

Every AAMCO Air Conditioning Service begins with AAMCO’s state-of-the-art Initial Vehicle Check and a Comprehensive Diagnostics Service by our A/C Certified Technicians.

  • Inspection of all air conditioning components
  • Replacement of cracked belts and leak repair
  • Compressor checks
  • Visual inspections

After a diagnosis is made, your certified technician will repair all damaged parts, repackage the air conditioner, and recharge the system if necessary.

Don’t drive around in a hot car. Stay comfortable and cool with our affordable, top-rated vehicle air conditioning services in San Rafael.



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